Capturing Kids Hearts Fall 2023

August/September - Empathy

EmpathyWhat is Empathy?
Empathy is understanding and feeling what others are experiencing.

Why focus on Empathy? 
Empathy builds positive classroom culture and strengthens their relationships with others. It also prepares O. Garza students to be leaders in their community.

October - Self-Direct

Self-DirectWhat is Self-Direct?
Envision future goals and then take intentional steps toward who you want to be.

Model self-direction by celebrating the positive in each day, seeking the good in others, and emphasizing our responsibility to make positive choices.

November - Teamwork

TeamworkWhat is Teamwork?
Working together to reach a goal.

Teamwork improves communication and builds strong relationships through a better understanding of ourselves and others.

December - Responsibility


What is Responsibility?
Own your thoughts, words, and actions.

~ Responsibility teaches resilience. It is not possible to persevere and achieve our dreams without taking personal responsibility seriously.

~ Responsibility empowers us to own our actions. There is great power in being able to make conscious, calculated choices to reach goals and manage those things in our control.

~ Responsibility teaches us to manage our time and resources. Responsibly organizing and prioritizing needs is an executive function of the brain that improves with practice.