Virtual School Counseling Notice to Parents



Dear SISD Family,


Since we are all working from home, we cannot completely "ensure" confidentiality in an online setting given our limitations. We cannot know if your child is alone, for example. However, these practices can help work toward this ideal:


● Student should use headphones

● Use a white noise machine to help prevent others from overhearing private conversations

● Identify a separate or private room.

● Once we schedule our virtual visit, you will receive a link to the session via your child’s SISD school email. They will use it to connect to our meeting.

● The platform we are using is Google Hangouts/Meets, which has been approved by the school district for confidentiality and FERPA compliance.

● There are limits to confidentiality and they are:

● Statements of harm to self

● Statements of harm to others

● Statements of any form of abuse

If any of the above statements are made during a session, the counselor is required by law to report the information to any of the following: parents/guardian, the local mental health authority, law enforcement, and Child Protective Services.


We look forward to meeting with your child