Helpful Reading Strategies

1.  Circle the Title-Label "PIE" and "POV" after reading the story twice
     What could the story be about?
     Make a prediction and write it down.
     Think about your experiences.
     Look for pictures throughout your passage and make your predictions.
     How does it relate to your story?
2. Number the paragraphs if needed.
3. Circle the underlined words.
     Highlight the clues from the sentences around the word guess what the word could mean.
     Write what you think it could mean next to the word.
4. Underline the first two sentences in the passage.
     This could lead you to the main idea.
    Underline the last two sentences in the passage.
5. Go to the Questions.
     Most important bring back your questions to your passage in an abbrevieated form.
6. Find the Literary Element Heartbeat (4th grade and up)
     Setting, main character, conflict, plot, climax, turning point follow climax, outcome.
7. Find the who, what, when, why, and how.
8. Read each paragraph.
     Think about what the paragraph is saying.
     Summarize each paragraph on the side.
     Underline important information.
9. Underline where you find the answer in the paragraph and write the question number by that sentence.  Next to the question write the paragraph number where you found the answer.

OPTIONAL PAGE.  A few teachers have it on their faculty page.