Counselor's Corner

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The counseling team at O. Garza elementary would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as we have received many new families in our communities. The O. Garza counseling team is made up of Mrs. Gamboa and Mr. Huerta. We are so happy to be here and be a part of such a wonderful school and community!

O. Garza is a great school, but that doesn’t mean that our students won’t face challenges while they are here. I would like your children to know that they have an ally, and that there is always an adult at the school who will be on their side.

As Professional School Counselors, our primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal, and social development of all students. Our team looks forward to offering support to the students, staff, families and community.

Services Provided

As counselors, we have the privilege of working with every single student in the school. We will work with students at the classroom level, small group level, as well as short-term individual counseling level. Mrs. Gamboa and I will also be meeting with parents, collaborating with teachers and staff, and consulting with community organizations to benefit and meet the needs of all students.

CLASSROOM GUIDANCE LESSONS: These lessons will be presented in the classroom for students in grades K-6. Lessons will teach developmentally appropriate, preventative lessons to all children.

GROUP COUNSELING: Group counseling is provided for small groups of students experiencing similar concerns. These may include making and keeping friends, anger management, coping with separation/divorce and or loss, getting organized/study skills and/or improving self-esteem. The groups generally range from 4 to 6 students and last for 6 to 8 sessions. The students for these groups can be recommended by parents/guardians or by staff members.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: Short term, one-on-one counseling support is available to all students in grades K - 6. Students may self-refer or be referred to the counselors by teachers/staff and/or parents.

Any student can request to meet with Mrs. Gamboa or Mr. Huerta or they can be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent. I encourage you to reach out if you have concerns regarding your child.


Please note that all information discussed is confidential between the counseling department and your child, unless they are planning on hurting themselves, hurting someone else or someone is hurting them.

We know that this past year has not been easy for our students so if your child is experiencing any type of anxiety, depression, loss of a loved one or any other issue you feel we can help your child with, please contact us. We look forward to seeing everyone back this 2021-2022 school year.

Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Gamboa

Mr. Huerta


Estimados padres de familia:

El equipo de consejería de la escuela primaria O. Garza, queremos presentarnos y ponernos a sus órdenes en ese año escolar en el que hemos recibido muchas familias de nuevo ingreso en nuestra escuela. Nuestro equipo de consejería esta integrado por la señora Gamboa y el señor Huerta. Estamos muy contentos y orgullosos de pertenecer a esta comunidad.

La escuela O. Garza es una escuela excelente, pero esto no quiere decir que nuestros alumnos no se enfrenten con nuevos retos mientras estén aquí en nuestra escuela. Me gustaría comunicarle que su hijo/a cuenta con aliados y que siempre habrá un adulto en la escuela que siempre estará para apoyarlo.

Como consejeros profesionales de la escuela, nuestra responsabilidad es promover el estudio, ayudar en lo personal y el desarrollo social de todos los estudiantes. Nuestro equipo le ofrece apoyo a nuestros estudiantes, empleados, familiares y a toda nuestra comunidad.

Servicios que ofrecemos:

Como consejeros, tenemos el privilegio de trabajar con todos los estudiantes de nuestra escuela. Nuestros estudiantes podrán trabajar a nivel de salón de clases, grupos pequeños, e individualmente por tiempo corto. La señora Gamboa y su servidor también tendremos juntas con padres y colaboraremos con maestros, empleados y consultaremos con organizaciones que beneficiaran las necesidades de todos los estudiantes.

GUIA DE LECCIONES EN EL SALON: Estas lecciones serán presentadas en el salón para estudiantes de Kínder a sexto grado. Las clases se impartirán de manera apropiada y serán clases preventivas para menores.

CONSEJERIA EN GRUPO: Este tipo de consejería será proveída en grupos pequeños con estudiantes que experimenten las mismas dudas o preocupaciones, como p