Parent Info: Policies

      Information from the P.E. Department
                                                                     Alfredo Gonzalez

Following is a short list of rules and expectations:

1.If your child has a serious medical condition that we need to be aware of, notify the P.E. department and the nurse’s  office immediately. We will make adjustments so that their P.E. experience will be enjoyable. Also, if they have a temporary ailment that requires sitting out of P.E., they should bring a note from either a parent, physician, nurse, or teacher; otherwise, they will be expected to participate.

2. For safety reasons, proper footwear is required. This means regular athletic-style shoes that are secured by laces or Velcro only (no slip-ons, sandals, hiking boots, strapless heels, Crocs, etc.). If they wear other shoes to school, they must still bring a pair of athletic shoes to change into for P.E. This includes Kindergarten. The only exception is on Health lesson days.

                3. It’s a good idea for girls to wear shorts underneath skirts or dresses.

4. Children are always welcome to wear a hat to protect them from the sun. They may also bring sunscreen or their own bottled water if necessary. Due to the heat, most of the activities during the first couple of months will be indoors.

5. If behavior is a problem, the student often receives a warning, or is directed to sit on the bench, depending on the severity. Serious infractions will be documented followed by parent contact.
6. Each six weeks, students will be given two grades in each of the following three areas: Skills/Fitness, Social Skills/Sportsmanship, and Participation/Attitude. A detailed explanation of our grading policy can be found under the Grading Policy tab on this website. Those six grades will be averaged to form one overall P.E. grade. They will also receive a grade for Health. Honor Roll is not affected by P.E. grades.
7. Please write your child's name on jackets and outerwear so we can identify the owners of articles of clothing left in the gym.

             Finally, parents are always welcome to visit, observe, help, and even participate.

Our conference period is  2:45-3:30 and the phone number is 580-5353, ext 2627.
 It’s going to be a   great year!


Thank you, from the O. Garza P.E. staff.


Informacion del departamento de educacion fisica

  1. Si su nino o nina tiene una condicion seria medica por favor informen a departamento de P.E. y tambien a la enfermera imediatamente.
  2. Los ninos necesitan traer “tennis” (Zapatos de tennis) todos los dias.
  3. Ninas necesitan traer pantalon corto debajo del vestido.
  4. Los ninos puedan traer una  cachucha o botella de agua.
  5. Si su nino o nina tiene una problema con las reglas, recibiran una marca. Cada tres semanas, vamos a tener un “reward day” (dia especial). Los ninos que reciberon una marca, no participaran en las actividades de dia especial. 
  6. Cada seis semanas, los estudiantes recibirán una calificación en tres áreas: destrezas físicas, destrezas sociales, y participación/actitud. Estas seis calificaciones van a formar una sola marca para el total de la clase de educación física. También recibirán una calificacion para la clase de salud.