Checkout Policy

 Library Policies

Reading is greatly encouraged and promoted at our school. Certain rules are stressed when checking out books from the library. These policies will assist in instilling good habits and responsibilities that will last a lifetime.

1. All Garza students, staff, and parents have access to the library and its resources.

2. Books are loaned for a period of two weeks, and may be renewed for additional two-week periods.

3. Kinder students are allowed to check out one library book that must be kept in their classroom.

4. First and second grade students may check out two books and may be taken home.

5. Students in 3rd – 6th grade may check out up to three books.

6. An additional book may be checked out to students doing research on a particular subject.

7. Late, damaged, or missing books must be returned or paid for in full before additional books are checked out.

8. Payment for lost or damaged books must be cleared before the end of the school year.


If you have questions regarding the school library policy,

please feel free to contact the library at 580-5353.

We will assist in any way possible so that our students

continue reading and enjoying books.